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July 16-22 2024

Part 1- Before the Storm: Discussion on proactive measures Property Owners, Businesses, and HOA/Condo Associations can take to prepare before an extreme weather event occurs and an interview with Mike Battillo.
Part 2- After the Storm: We outline the post-disaster phase and the crucial steps that can be taken to reduce the long-term impact, minimize further damage, meet insurance policy requirements, and support you in your recovery efforts and an interview with Karen Shiffmiller.

July 23-29, 2024

Navigating the Claims Process
Action Plan Incl.

Before the Storm: Listeners will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively navigate the often complex and overwhelming process of filing insurance claims.
After the Storm: We will provide valuable insights, practical tips, and step-by-step guidance on how to document losses, communicate with insurance providers, understand policy coverage, and handle claim denials or disputes

July 30-Aug. 5, 2024

Claim Resolution Appraisal
Action Plan Incl.

Before the Storm: Appraisal is a very good option in settling your claim dispute. Find out if your claim is “Right” and “Ripe” for Appraisal
After the Storm: John Voelpel III will walk you through the process of Insurance Appraisal including cost and time.,

August 06-12, 2024

Claim Resolution Mediation
Action Plan Incl.

Before the Storm: Panel discussion on understanding how Mediation works and how to prepare for Mediation.
After the Storm: What to expect during Mediation, claim resolution after Mediation.

August 13-19, 2024

Claim Resolution Arbitration
Action Plan Incl.

Before the Storm: Panel discussion on understanding how to prepare for Arbitration including the Arbitration process and documents needed.
After the Storm: Insight to Arbitration, what does the policy say, the Arbitration clause, choosing an Arbitrator, discovery management and resolution.

August 20-26, 2024

Claim Resolution Litigation
Action Plan Incl.

Before the Storm: We delve into the complex world of insurance claim litigation, exploring the various aspects of disputes, challenges, and resolutions that arise in the insurance industry.
After the Storm: Experts in the field share valuable insights, and strategies, to shed light on navigating the legal intricacies of insurance claim disputes.

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