You don’t have to “Weather the Event” alone.

Weather Event Virtual Lunch and Learn episodes focus on “Weather Events”, creating a valuable resource for property owners and business owners. This free weekly series covers essential topics such as preparing for catastrophic storms, settling insurance claims efficiently, and managing the recovery and rebuild process after a disaster. The episodes will also highlight what resources are available in your State and Community.

During the Show, Host Brad Hays provides insights, downloadable action plans, and interviews experts on how property and business owners can take proactive steps to protect their assets before a severe “Weather Event” strikes. This includes securing property, ensuring adequate insurance coverage, and creating a disaster preparedness and recovery plan.

“Weather Event Lunch & Learn” (WELL) also addresses key aspects of the insurance claims process, offering guidance on documenting damages, communicating effectively with insurance providers, and understanding policy coverage to ensure fair and timely claim settlements.

Additionally, “WELL” provides information on navigating the recovery and rebuild process post-disaster, including tips on selecting reputable contractors, managing project timelines and budgets, and maximizing available resources for a successful restoration.

By offering practical advice and guidance, “Weather Event Virtual Lunch and Learn” will empower property owners and business owners to better prepare, respond, and recover from catastrophic storms.

Increased “Weather Events”, such as hail storms, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and severe storms, have a significant impact on property insurance. As these extreme weather incidents become more frequent and severe due to climate change, insurance companies face higher payouts for property damage claims. 

This increased risk leads to “higher insurance premiums” for homeowners and property owners in at-risk areas. Property insurance providers often adjust their pricing models and coverage options in response to changing weather patterns. They may impose higher deductibles, limit coverage in certain areas prone to weather-related damage, or even stop offering policies altogether in high-risk zones.

Furthermore, the rising costs of property insurance can make it challenging for individuals and businesses to afford adequate coverage, especially in areas with a history of weather-related disasters. It is crucial for property owners to “stay informed” about weather trends, assess their risks, and take preventive measures to minimize damages and insurance costs

Brad Hays

Meet Your Host

Brad Hays is the Host of Weather Event Virtual Lunch & Learn Shows. Brad has over 25 years of experience in the Insurance and Emergency Management Industries with over 35 Industry Designations, Certifications, and 13 Professional Licenses. Mr. Hays has studied on-site at the Department of Homeland Security Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, MD.

Brad is President and Owner of both Weather Event LLC, and Appraisal Panel Network LLC. He is a Certified Insurance Appraiser and Certified Insurance Umpire, Large Loss Damage Consultant, Certified Commercial Building Inspector, Executive General Adjuster (EGA), and Subject Matter Expert Witness.

Brad’s experience in the property loss business began as a restoration contractor, which included exterior and interior restoration repair services. Over 20 years ago he became a licensed independent insurance claims adjuster and has worked catastrophic large loss weather events since “2000″.

Though he no longer performs construction rebuilds, he has maintained his Florida Certified General Contractor and Certified Roofing Contractor licenses, and also maintains active adjuster licenses in 17 states. Brad specializes in large loss million dollar claims, both commercial and residential (click for a small sample of his projects).

Mr. Hays also hosted his own talk radio show on FOX’s AM560 “THE ANSWER” Chicago. He interviewed Local, State and National Politicians as well as Community Leaders focusing on property ownership issues.

In his career to date, Brad has been involved as a Commissioning Agent of Condo Buildings, Owner’s Rep-Condo Contruction, G.C. for Ground-up Condo Construction, Forensic Inspector, Large Loss Adjuster, Expert Witness & Damage Consultant, Restoration Rebuilder, Corporate and Condo Emergency Management Planner, and an Appraiser/Umpire – for a combined total of over 3,000 properties.