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Welcome to Weather Event Live a Virtual Lunch & Learn.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in severe “weather events” across the globe. These storms, ranging from hurricanes to tornadoes, have raised concerns about the impact of climate change on our planet. The frequency and intensity of these “weather events” serve as a reminder of the importance of taking proactive measures to mitigate their effects and protect our families, properties, businesses and communities.

We are thrilled to launch this platform where we will be sharing exciting “weather event” content, useful tips, and engaging stories with all of you. Stay tuned for posts on a variety of topics that we are passionate about. Join us on this journey as we explore new ideas, discuss trends, and connect with our amazing community. Thank you for being here – we can’t wait to share this space with you!

Stay informed, stay safe, and let’s work together towards a more sustainable future.

Brad Hays

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