By offering practical advice and guidance, 
“Weather Event Corporate Live or Virtual Lunch and Learn” Events
will empower associations and business owners to help their staff to better prepare,
respond, and recover from extreme weather events.

Uplifting, and Thought-Provoking Events with Action Plan Handouts

We partner with HR Departments, Association Managers and Event Planners around the Nation delivering timely information and answering questions concerning Extreme Weather Events. If you’re looking for a topic with unique elements and educational value that will have a positive impact for your Company or Association, this is it.

Management Team Event

Employee Team Event

  • Building Confidence through Staff and Customer Communication Before and After
  • Getting the Business and Building Storm Ready
  • When to Cease Operations and Send Everyone Home
  • Post Storm Guidelines
  • Navigating the Insurance Claim
  • Recover, Re-Enter & Rebuild
  • Balancing Workload with Personal Life
  • Preparing Family and Home for Catastrophic Storms
  • Do You Stay or Do You Go
  • Returning Home
  • Settling Insurance Claims
  • Managing the Recovery and Rebuild Process

Reduce Employee Stress and Unplanned Absences.
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The yearly cost of employee absenteeism is 225.8 billion dollars.

There’s no doubt about it: $225.8 billion is a lot of money…that comes out to $1,685 per employee, per year. Why is absenteeism so costly? Absenteeism not only reduces productivity, but can also lead to increased spending on hiring and onboarding new employees, paying overtime for employees covering open shifts, and unplanned downtime.
Source: TeamSense

The estimated loss of productivity due to unplanned absence reaches almost 40%.

Productivity loss varies by the type of employee absence, with the average productivity loss associated with an unplanned absence being the highest at 36.6% while the average productivity loss related to a planned absence comes in at 22.6%
Source: TeamSense

Almost 40% of absences are caused by repeated personal reasons.

While you can’t control what happens in your employees’ personal lives, you can create strategies to support them so they can better manage any personal issues they’re experiencing. Offering flexible office hours, hosting regular check-ins and open forums, and providing Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) or counseling services can all help prevent absences in the future.
Source: TeamSense

Hurricanes Caused Lost Income among at Least Half of Local Residents

Hurricanes are notorious for their destruction, and a new study shows the storms demolish more than buildings and infrastructure. Nearly half the people who lived in an area hit recently by a major U.S. hurricane lost income because their employer was forced to close or cut back operations, according to a study by a leading disaster researcher.


2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Be One Of Most Active On Record, Colorado State University Outlook Says The 2024 hurricane season will likely be one of the most active on record. Twenty-five named storms and 12 hurricanes are forecast. Warm water and lower wind shear are expected.

Tornado Alley may roar to life as the severe weather season ramps up in US. AccuWeather is predicting 1,250 to 1,375 tornadoes in the United States in 2024, above the historical average of 1,225, 

Reduce Employee Stress and Unplanned Absences.
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