Local Business Card Sponsorship

Here is what you will get.

Plus Local Business Listing

  1. ***Exclusive High Visibility***
  2. Exclusive Business Card Size Listing Per Your Zip Code in Your Category
    (3 Zip Codes Included)
  3. Name Line Listing Per Your Zip Code in Your Category
  4. Included in Business Sponsor Search Page
  5. Link to Your Website
  6. Featured Visibility During the Weekly Episodes
  7. Featured Visibility During the Episode Archive Replays
  8. Access to Virtual Weekly Episodes 
  9. Notices of New Episodes
  10. Access to Episode Archives
  11. Access to Episode Action Plans
  12. Access to all Sponsors
  13. Access to Weather Event Face Book Group
  14. $100/Year (3 Zip Codes Included -Input them into your profile page once you have signed up) 
  15. $30/Each Additional Zip Code/Year (Add more Zip Codes once you have signed up)

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